The Official Ubuntu 19.04 Wallpaper Is Revealed

Say aloha to Ubuntu’s new desktop background, the one that you, me, and thousands of other Ubuntu users will stare at for the next six months.

Every new Ubuntu release ships with a new desktop wallpaper (well, almost; Ubuntu 14.10 didn’t) and the upcoming release of Ubuntu 19.04 is no exception.

It’s something of a design tradition, but it’s also practical: distinct desktop wallpapers make it far easier to ‘spot’ Ubuntu in use in the wild!

The Disco Dingo Wallpaper, Revealed!

Topping the cutesy Cosmic Cuttlefish wallpaper was always going to be a challenge, but the creative bods at Canonical have had a crack at it anyway.

And the result of their diligent designing is this dapper desktop drape bearing the recently revealed Disco Dingo mascot:

Pretty delicious, right?

The orange-y purple gradient keeps things looking familiar and Ubuntu-ish, and there’s a greater use of symmetry In the lines and folds (geometry?) backing this wallpaper compared to the past few.

Do you dig what you see?

If so, you can download the official Ubuntu 19.04 wallpaper direct from Launchpad, where it’s available in 4K resolution and in a greyscale variant.

Download Ubuntu 19.04 Wallpaper (tar.xz)

If you’re running Ubuntu 19.04 daily builds you should get the wallpaper as a software update to the ubuntu-wallpapers package at some point in the next week.

I’ve updated our article showcasing every Ubuntu wallpaper, ever to include the latest design, so if you’re feeling nostalgic, go and check ’em out!