Ubuntu 18.10’s New Wallpaper is Cosmically Cute

The default wallpaper of Ubuntu 18.10 ‘Cosmic Cuttlefish’ has finally been revealed.

And, as you can no doubt guess, the new desktop background features a lavish line-art mascot, this time a concentric circular cuttlefish illustration:

The backdrop also benefits from a deep-sea dose of the colour purple.

Two versions of the the new Ubuntu 18.10 wallpaper are available: one in full Technicolor and one in greyscale (or black and white; I do wonder if anyone uses the b&w versions, so if you do, shout out in the comments):

If you’re running the Ubuntu 18.10 daily builds you’ll get the new Ubuntu 18.10 wallpaper as an update to the Ubuntu wallpapers package, so keep an eye on update manager.

Otherwise, to use the background now, download them from the link below in high-res 4096 x 2304:

Download the Ubuntu 18.10 Wallpaper (4K)

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