Getting Started with React


There are a few things you should know in advance before you start playing around with React.

Here are what I consider to be React prerequisites.

  • Basic familiarity with HTML & CSS.
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and programming.
  • Basic understanding of the DOM.
  • Familiarity with ES6 syntax and features.
  • Node.js and npm installed globally.

Setup and Installation

npx create-react-app is the command to setup and install a react app. Its a built in package comes with nodejs. Run the below command to create a react app. It will take some time, wait for it to complete the setup.

npx create-react-app react-app

Here react-app is the folder name in which react config & setup files will be created by react to run a react-app.

Go to newly created app and run the below command to run the app.

cd react-app
npm start

npm start will run your react app.

Now, Edit src/App.js and save to view the effect.

Feel free to leave a comment for any questions and issues.